Standalhytta (The Standal cabin)

Standalhytta is suitable for parties of about 50 people. The cabin is owned by the Aalesund Ski Association, and she is perfectly located for those who wish to take walks in the beautiful landscape, all year round.

The room standard is good. Most of the rooms are modern, but the cabin still has some original rooms from the renovation right after the war, but with wider beds. In total, the cabin has 60 beds. A few twin rooms, one triple, most four to five rooms, and there are 6 double beds. The room "eight south" is for groups up to eight people.

There are duvets and pillows in all the beds, but everyone staying overnight must bring their own bed linen to pull over the duvets and pillows. Alternativly, a sheet bag/sleeping bag also works fine.



+47 922 83 460


Photo: Aalesund ski club

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