Urke fjordhytter (Urke fjord cabins)

Urke fjordhytter (Urke Fjord cabins) is located with a view of the fjord and with the Sunnmørsalpane (The Sunnmøre Alps) sorrounding the fjord. The three cabins are on the edge of a farm and have six to eight beds. All cabins have a well-equipped kitchen, shower, WC, washing machine and cable TV.

There are good opportunities for fishing in the fjord and lakes with trouts by the road in the Norangsdalen. A 16-foot boat with a 9.9 HP engine is included in the rent at all cabins. You can also hire an extra boat for an additional fee. There is a gutting shed near the sea, and the freezing capacity is good.

Urke is within walking distance to the famous mountains Saksa and Slogen. The village is also the starting point for the well-known tours across the Urkeegga and the Hjørundfjordegga.

The village of Urke has little traffic. The relaxed and calm atmosphere makes the village a exquisite place for the whole family. Around the middle of the village there is a shop with daily necessities, with sales of food,petrol and with post office services.


Tel. +47 700 62 054/ +47 977 69 182

Photo: Urke fjord cabins

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