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Travel by plane

Ørsta/Volda Lufthamn Hovden is only a few minutes from the center of Ørsta and Volda. There are several daily direct departures between Gardermoen, Bergen and Sogndal.

Travel by bus

The bus between Ørsta and Volda drives by the airport both on arrival and departure. The local bus between Ørsta and Volda runs every half hour during the day, and every hour from 1730.

FRAM Svipp in Ørsta and Volda
‍ It
is possible to order transport with FRAM Svipp. For departures in the morning, you must book your trip no later than 1900 the night before. For other departures, you must arrive no later than one hour before you want to be picked up at home. If you are traveling from the airport, you must arrive no later than 15 minutes before you want to leave from there.

Travel by boat

Hjørundfjord skyssbåt
Can offer charter tours/fjord cruises.
+47 944 65 771

Skyssbåt Christian Gaard
‍ Can
offer charter tours/fjord cruises. Boats in different sizes.
+47 907 20 172

Rental car
Volda Taxi
Passenger cars and cars with eight seats, adapted for the disabled.
24 hours south wise.
Ørsta Taxi
Passenger cars, cars with eight or 16 seats and cars for wheelchairs. 24 hours south wise.
Bård Lillefosse, Folkestad
Taxi in addition to minibus with 16 seats. Adapted for the disabled. Coverage area: Bjørkedal, Straumshamn, Folkestad, Dalsfjorden.
Tonheim transport and rental
Charter transport with 16-seater minibus. Space for three wheelchairs.
Car rental
Charging stations
Electric car
BKK v/Alti (Ørsta)
4 pcs. fast chargers of 200 kW and 4 pcs 22 kW.
BKK v/Rema 1000 (Ørsta)
3 pcs. 200 kW fast chargers.
Green contact (Volda)
Chademo 50 kW, Combo CCSEU and 22 kW three-phase.
Green contact (Hornindal)
3 pcs 22kW, 2 pcs 50 kW CCS/CHAdeMO
Tesla Supercharger
Tesla charging station Volda
Service building with shower, toilet, water and electricity.
Water, electricity, toilet and thawing facilities.
Service facility with shower and toilet, barbecue stove, water and electricity.
Emptying stations

Tourist information

The tourist office at the shopping center Alti in Ørsta can help you with booking experiences or questions you may have about the trip.
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+47 913 67 470
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