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In the heart of the Sunnmøre Alps, you will find the municipalities of Volda and Ørsta, both surrounded by a magical nature. Here you can live rural and yet central in terms of work, education, culture and leisure, and not least the local hospital and other good welfare services. 

Taken as whole, Volda and Ørsta, with their 21,600 inhabitants, are the fourth largest conurbation in the county. Here you can find peace and quiet at the same time, close to important city center functions such as medical care, hospital, dentist, cinema, fitness center and sports facilities, playing areas, cafes, schools, kindergartens and the town hall. 

Building and living - housing project

Both municipalities are investing in housing construction, and you can get a lot of housing for the money. Here are new construction sites with plots for detached houses, multi-family homes and apartment projects both close to the city center and for those who want to live a little more rural. Occasionally small farms in the village are for sale.

Growing up conditions

The upbringing environment is safe and good. Kindergarten coverage is good. Several schools are new, and for others new buildings are planned.


Ørsta offers vocational education in both mechanical subjects, food subjects, carpentry and health subjects. A new and modern school facility with a cultural center section are planned. Volda upper secondary school offers study specialization programmes, music, dance and drama with music, medium and communication, art, design and architecture. Volda university college is known, among other things, for its good journalism education. 

Ørsta upper secondary school (photo: Ørsta vgs.)
University College in Volda, The Sivert Aarflot house photo: Karl August Swanstrøm

Labor market / Business

Ørsta and Volda have many exciting jobs in various fields within public and private enterprises. Ørsta is both an agricultural and industrial municipality with several high-tech companies, and the municipality is also a trade center for Søre Sunnmøre. 

The school town of Volda is widely known as the host municipality for both the University of Volda and Volda Hospital. In addition to the varied labour market in these municipalities, you can reach the towns of Nordfjordeid, Stryn, Grodås, Ulsteinvik, Hareid, Fosnavåg and Larsnes in less than an hour's drive. Ørsta/Volda is centrally located in this living and labor market region.

Here are some of the larger companies we have in the municipalities with many jobs:

Member list Ørsta Næringskontor

Rufo,photo: Stig B. Fiksdal

Shopping mall

Alti Shopping mall, Ørsta
Alti shopping mall 2nd floor
Spinneriet shopping mall, Volda

‍ Health

"It's a privilege to have the local hospital so close by. Volda Hospital has an emergency function and a year-round maternity ward, a good and valuable insurance for life and health. Soon, the rehabilitation services (Mork Rehabilitation Center) for the municipalities in the area will also be stationed at Volda Hospital.

A joint emergency service for Søre Sunnmøre is stationed by the airport in Hovdebygda, about halfway between the city centers of Ørsta and Volda. Ulstein, Hareid and Herøy are also involved in this inter-municipal cooperation, which provides good security for the inhabitants.

Health Møre and Romsdal- Volda Hospital


At Rotset in Volda, it is now possible to develop a business area. The main investment is trade in capital goods. A new swimming facility will also be built in connection with the sports hall.

The Norwegian Innovation Centre is also being planned in connection with the Campus. It is Volda municipality's new municipal development company that works to develop central municipal properties in collaboration with business, academia and other public actors.

In Ørsta, a new cultural center is planned to be integrated into a new upper secondary school.

At Melsgjerdet in Ørsta, a larger area (150 acres) for industry and other business activities has recently been developed. In addition, Torvmyrane by Ørsta/Volda Airport is a well-established trade, service and industrial area. In the center of Ørsta, expansion of the Alti shopping center is underway.

Leisure time

Here are activities on offer with a wide range for people of all ages: a rich cultural life, miles of hiking trails, summit hikes, ski trails, river and fjord fishing, choirs, art, culinary experiences. And these are just some of the things that you can take advantage of. 

In these two municipalities there are four ski resorts. There are a myriad of bathing places. Both municipalities have new, beautiful and modern sports halls, and the investment in ball sports is great. There are athletics facilities in Ørsta and in Hornindal. In addition to cultural halls, brass bands and orchestras, there is a leisure club in Ørsta and in Volda, and not least a ballet school with classical and modern dance, hip hop and jazz dance.

In the Sunnmørsalpane you can choose among beautiful and spectacular summit hikes. It is not without reason that peak tour enthusiasts call us both Snømøre (Snowmøre) and ZENmøre.
The valley, Molladalen with high mountains like Jønshornet (Ramoen), Bladet and Randers Top, the king and queen in the Sunnmørsalpane, mainly Kolåstinden and Slogen, Sætretindane, Store Smørskredtind, Skårasalen, Kvitegga, Saudehornet, Eidskyrkja, Galten, Hornindalsrokken and Saksa all belong in these hills, peaks and alpine peaks 

Ørsta & Volda ballet school,photo: Tove Halse Digernes
Climbing on Bladet in Molladalen , photo: Svein Urke
Kunsthuset,photo: Lisbeth Bjørneseth Myklebust

For those who want a little more moderate hikes, there is a network of hiking trails and less demanding trails. Voluntary organizations have built gap huts at some of these. There you can take a breather, grill, enjoy your coffee, a slice of bread with brown cheese and an orange - or just sit still and enjoy the view.


Transport / communication / infrastructure

A few minutes away from the center is Ørsta/Volda Lufthamn Hovden. Within 55 minutes you are at Oslo airport Gardemoen.
If you are going to Bergen, the journey goes via Førde or Sogndal.

The bus offer is good. In addition to buses that stop at the airport, we have Timeekspressen (the Time Express).

The express bus can take you to anywhere in Norway.

Through the Eiksund tunnel you can reach the municipalities, Herøy, Sande, Ulstein and Hareid i less than an hour’s drive. The same applies to Grodås and Stryn via Kvivsveien, E39 and to Nordfjordeid through Stigedalen.
From Herøy and Ålesund you can take the Hurtigruta.

When the planned Volda tunnel will be ready, communications will be even better.

Fram,photo: Håvard Myklebust

Tourist information

The tourist office at the shopping center Alti in Ørsta can help you with booking experiences or questions you may have about the trip.
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