Patchellhytta - DNT (tourist cabin)

Patchellhytta is located at the foot of Slogen (1564 meters above sea level), the most famous mountain peak in Sunnmørsalpane. Store Smørskredtind towers on the other side of the valley. You can walk to the cabin from Urke, Øye, Sykkylven or Stranda.

Self-service cottage with 72 beds. The cabin is open all year round.

There are 30 beds. They can be booked in advance, but only online. For those who come unannounced, there is room for around 45 people in the lofts in the main cabin, in the safety arch and in the basement of the main cabin.


Tourist information

The tourist office at the shopping center Alti in Ørsta can help you with booking experiences or questions you may have about the trip.
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