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SkåraBakkane is a pub/tea place located where no one would think anyone could live. Yes, because at Skår there are only 2 permanent residents and can thus boast of being the smallest village in our region that has its own pub. To get to Skår you have to take a ferry, which gives the town an exotic feel.

From the large terrace that has been built next to the repurposed barn, you can enjoy the most spectacular view in the entire fjord of Hjørundfjord.

Apart from the beautiful view, you can endulge yourself with exquisite local dishes. Short-distance specialties such as cured ham and a kind of salami (cured, dried sausage of red deer), accompanied by home-baked flatbread, an appetizer with smoked salmon and maybe Bacalao as the main course? On the dessert menu, you will find vanilla ice cream with berries topped with homemade spruce syrup and a light sprinkling of spruce salt. In the the pre-Christmas season, you can order home-made "smalahåve", a kind of prepared sheep`s head. Here you can try 3 different recipes - both from Voss and Sunnmøre, one type is speka smalahove. The goal is to be able to produce and cook most of the food at Skår.

For pre-ordered groups, the chef can accommodate special requests.


SkåraBakkane has accommodation in the farmhouse.

Accommodation in a mountain farm at Skårasætra

Refurbished, old-fashioned cabin for rent at Skårasætra with accommodation for 5 or more people. There is a loft with space for 5 people in addition to 4 bunks (divided). In the living room there is a angle sofa and a coffee table, and you will find most of the kitchen equipment, including gas burners.

There is a wood stove for heating, and there is unlimited firewood in the crawl space. There is an outhouse outside the hut, and you can fetch water from the river nearby. The setra is well kept and inviting, and there are long tables and seating.

You can get hiking trails for hiking in the mountains in the immediate area.


Opening from Easter:


July and August open every day.

Serving licence, all rights reserved.

Tel. +47 905 14 868

Photo: Ingrid J. Høydal

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