Kunsthuset (The Art House)

Volda and Ørsta Kunstlag run the Kunsthuset, which is located in the centre of Ørsta. The operation of the Kunsthuset is based on voluntary labour, but is still a professional and active gallery with several exhibitions and annual events.

The art gallery has two exhibition rooms. On the first floor there is a showroom for changing exhibitions, of which there are several during the year. On the second floor hangs a large collection of paintings by the modernist Olav Strømme from Ørsta.

Opening hours for exhibitions are Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 1200-1600.

On our website you will find the exhibition calendar. Opening hour for exhibitions are Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12pm-4pm. Otherwise by appointment.

Tel. +47 918 52 542
Photo: 1-3 Lisbeth Bjørneseth Myklebust, photo 4: Anne-Ellingsen, photo 5 and 6: ØNK

Tourist information

The tourist office at the shopping center Alti in Ørsta can help you with booking experiences or questions you may have about the trip.
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