Astronomy center Kometland

Cometland is the largest astronomy center in Norway (and perhaps Scandinavia); an informative and unique experience city, specially designed for astronomy enthusiasts. There you can find a lot of useful and exciting information about outer space on your own.

During the summer months, you can observe the activity of our day star, the sun.  

The season for telescopic observations of the starry sky is from August to April. You can then observe planets and other interesting objects in our solar system in addition to many beautiful objects in the galaxy, the Milky Way and in the universe.

Norway`s largest astronomical telescope is a major attraction at Kometland, that may be well worth a closer look at. In November 1989, a new comet was discovered from Kometland; C/1989w1 (/Aarseth-Brewington) which was named after the two who first discovered it.

The astronomy center Kometland receives visitors by appointment.

Tel. +47 481 24646
Photo: Knut Aarseth

Tourist information

The tourist office at the shopping center Alti in Ørsta can help you with booking experiences or questions you may have about the trip.
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