Volda church

Halkjelsvik, now the center of the town of Volda, was a church town alredy in the year 1200. In the 1400s there was a stave church here. It was rebuilt several times until it was demolished in 1858 and replaced by a new wooden brick church.. This was one of the largest wooden churches in the country. It burned in the night of April 7, 1929. None of the very old inventory was saved.

The modern church was completed in 1932.

It was built according to a drawing by the architect Arnstein Arneberg. The chancel is adorned with a fresco by Hugo Mohr. The picture, which at the time was the largest fresco in Norway, was completed by July 1932. There are 800 seats in the church.

Source: Wikipedia

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Photo: Matheo Baratella

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