Ørsta church

Ørsta churchis a long church, built in 1864. The church was built not far from where the former stave church had stood since the 14th century. When an ordinance was passed in 1851 demanding that the parish churches should have seating for 3/10 of the people in the parish. The old stave church was too small and it was decided to build a new church. Some of the materials from the old church were used in the construction. The architects behind the church are Wilhelm von Hanno and Heinrich Ernst Schimer.

The altarpiece in Ørsta church is an altar cabinet from the late Middle Ages. It is probably made in northern Germany or the Netherlands. It stood in the old church and eventually also found a place in the new one. Around 1880, parts of the cabinet were built into a larger altarpiece with an altar image of the Eucharist and a textboard. At the end of the 1950s, the cabinet was restored to its original shape. At an open altar, we can see Jesus on the cross with Mary and John standing below the cross. At the closed altarpiece, we can see Mary being visited by the angel Gabriel with the message that she will be the mother of Jesus. The cabinet is closed on Mary's Message Day and during the Advent, while it is open during Christmas Eve on Christmas morning.

On the north wall you can see the Vik epitaph from 1703. Here you can see the family of Knut and Ragnhild Vik with both living and dead children. The text below the image reads:

"Glory to God, this His House to Zirat,

Is this above epitaphium for honor

by Knut Nielsen Wig and Ragnelde Laridtz's daughter with her children.

The Lord Keep His Protection Over Everything.

Ao 1703 d: 28 July." (In the year on 1703 on July 28th.)


On each side of the family we can see Adam and Eve each with a fig leaf around their waist and above the family you see a simple representation of the crucifixion.

The church is also richly decorated with rose paint and various Christian symbols, especially on the gallery wall.

The number of seats is 380.
Sources: "Ørsta church through 100 years" and "Ørsta church 150 years".


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Photo: Ørsta Church

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