Hjørundfjord church

This is a long church on Sæbø in Hjørundfjord. It is said that there was a church in the valley from 1125, but this is the third church building we know of. The church is built of timber. The architect was Johannes Henrik Nissen, who used the drawings from the church at Fjørtoft with some changes as neo-Gothic style both in the windows and above the chancel.

September 9, 1880 our church was consecrated. Everything was new and modern, so there were few ornaments from the old church. The new altarpiece was also painted by Chr. Bruun. A copy of a motif from Tyristrand church by Adolf Tidemann.

In 1914, the old altarpiece was retrieved from the organ gallery. Refurbished by Lars Kinsarvik and got space above the door from the nave into the baptismal altar. There she hung until her 80th anniversary in 1960, when she took her rightful place at the front of the altar. The main part of the genealogical table is dated to 1505-06 and was most likely made by Claus Berg in Lübeck. The decorated doors that were on were sent to the museum in Bergen in the 1860s. In 1702-04 the altar cupboard was built in, most likely by Eliasmeisteren. A number of other decorative items were also picked up for this anniversary.

Stained glass, gifts given by individuals, is made by artist Jørgen Saare in collaboration with glass master O. Ellingsen & Søn in Ålesund. These were installed until 17 May in 1950 and 1951.

The first organ was installed in 1913 and was paid for by funds collected from emigrated people from Hjørundfjorden in America. The old organ was eventually wore out and a new organ,  built by Vestre organ factory, was installed in 1973, .

The church has 450 seats.

Source: Hjørundfjord church 1880-1980.

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