Urke Challange, Saksaløpet (the Saksa race)

The race takes place in the wilderness, which in 2015 was improved with stone steps by Sherpas from Nepal. After the upgrade, Saksaråsa has become widely known. It is a trip that is affordable for most people, and with a unique view in large fields of nature.

The race will start at the marina at Urke and ends at the entrance to the first peak of the mountain Saksa, which is 1040 m above sea level.

It is designed for both tour class and competition class.

There will be several drinking stations along the route. At the top, a medal will be handed out to everyone who has completed.

The race is organized in September, and is one of the races that takes place under the Alpetrippelen cup, a cup that includes the Saudehornet straight up, the Melshornløpet and the Urke Challange-Saksanløpet. Prizes will be awarded to those with the best overall finishing times. There will of course also be awards for the winners in the individual classes and races.

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Photo: Svein Urke

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