Mrs. Svendsen's cafe

In the middle of the pedestrian street in the center of Ørsta is the old, venerable Svendsengarden, also known as Mellegarden. It is said that Svendsengarden has its own ghost, mentioned in, among other things, the television program Åndenes makt (The power of spirits).

The cafe has a varied menu with coffee, lunch dishes and cakes. Everything is homemade with a large portion of love. Everything on the menu can be served gluten-free.The menu also includes vegetarian dishes.

On the shelves by the counter you will find a selection of intriguing gifts, either for yourself or others.

In the summer, you can sit outside, enjoy the beautiful garden and watch people passing in the streets. Mrs Svendsen has beer and wine service. Liquor can be served in closed parties.

Occasionally there are cultural events such as art exhibitions, intimate concerts and literary evenings. Mrs Svendsen is also suitable for celebrating christenings, weddings, birthdays or memorials.

Tel. +47 997 01 635

Photo 1, 2, 3, 5, 6: ØNK, photo 4, 7, 8: Mrs Svendsen

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