Brudavolltunet - Ørsta village farm

Brudavollen is an authentic farm yard located sunny and idyllic high up on the valley side in Ørsta municipality. Both buildings and landscape have a high cultural-historical value, and tell about the way of life in the old farming community. The oldest part of the buildings is from the 17th century. The garden was established around 1830, and was an inspiration for horticulture in the district which continued beyond the 19th century.

Brudavolltunet has a modern administration building with a kitchen, internet access and a function room that can be rented out. Ørsta bygdemuseumslag are active volunteers in Brudavolltunet. Brudavolltunet is part of the regional museum Viti.


Tel. +47 702 39 000

Photo 1: Marius Beck Dahle, photo 2: Tind Media, photos 3-5: Audhild Gregoriusdotter Rotevatn, photos 6 and 7: Ingvil E. Grimstad, photo 8: Marius Beck Dahle

Tourist information

The tourist office at the shopping center Alti in Ørsta can help you with booking experiences or questions you may have about the trip.
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