Golf simulator (Volda Golf Club)

Volda golf club has a golf simulator of the type Trackman 4 in Strandgata 9 in Ørsta. You can book time in the simulator through Golfbox. To be able to book time, you must have completed the Vegen til golf course and be a member of a golf club.

On a golf simulator you can play on golf courses around the world. You can also practice on the driving range and you will be able to analyze every part of the shot. It is also possible to practice with different games, which are fun for both young and old. If you download the Trackman app, it archives all your activity so you can see your progress, and you also get your own Trackman handicap that adjusts according to how well you play on the different courses available.

Volda Golf Club organizes a tournament every month during the winter months. You can play the course of your choice twice during the month, and the best round counts in the tournament.

It is also possible to take parts of the Road to Golf course on a simulator. In addition to the practical part on the simulator, you must have a theory part, which is an e-learning course you take at home, and play on the course, which you can complete with a coach or others at the golf course in Vassbotnen.

Photo 1 and 3: Olav Trandal Photo 2: Margrete Sørensen

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