Hornindal ski center

Slalom, cross-country skiing.

The ski slopes start from the 1,487 meter long T-hook track, one of the longest in Norway. There are two prepared main slopes of 1,650 metres: Fossehengent on the west side and Tverrløypa on the east side. Several parallel ski slopes and different disembarkations provide a large selection in variety of degrees of difficulty. The area offers large areas suitable for freeriding and is a good starting point for many different summit hikes.

Hornindal Ski Center is considered to be one of the most snowproof ski resorts in the region. Combined with snow production, this ensures a good ski season for our guests. There are well-prepared hiking trails and  cross-country trails. See website.

The hike to Bruasætra goes through gentle and child-friendly terrain and is a nice Sunday hike for the family. You can continue the hike to the next trailhead at Storesætra. If you think the hike to Bruasætra is long enough, you can turn around and go back to the ski center. The round trip is 9.7 km long.

You can start at Hornindal ski center and follow the trail to the left and straight ahead when you leave the light trail. You continue towards Bruasætra by following the markings.

Parking at Hornindal ski resort for a parking fee.

Hornindal ski center offers rental of alpine and snowboard equipment.

Tel. +47 906 77 225

Photo 1 and 3-7: Bengt Flaten, photo 2: Sara Furier Hauge

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