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Street Food to Ørsta and Volda

On 6-9. June and 25-28. July you can indulge your sense of taste and smell. Food trucks will be rolling into Ørsta and Volda with food from all corners of the world.
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Indiefjord (music festival with indie pop)

Festival adventure in Ørsta/Volda

The festival villages of Ørsta/Volda have an impressive program for spring and summer 2024! With a variety of events to choose from, it's time to fill your calendar with excitement and great experiences. From choir to rap, blues to rock, and everything in between, there's something for all music lovers. Plus, you can explore beer brewing, nature and culture. To secure your place, both at events and accommodation, it's a good idea to arrive early. So take the chance to get infected by the festival atmosphere and join the bustling crowds as the festival season kicks off!
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Hall exhibition Jan Baker, hand-coloured graphics //Volda/Ørsta art team, Kunsthuset

On Friday 5 April at 1800-2000, Volda and Ørsta art group opens an exhibition with the painter, printmaker and material artist Jan Baker (atelierbaker.no) On the opening day, Are Johan Baker, son of the artist, will be present and talk about the art.
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