Overview of races in Ørsta/Volda in 2023

The sheep horn in the shed. Photo: Tussa

Sparebank1 Vartdalsstranda half marathon May 27

Here you can choose between:

- half marathon

- marathon (circuit championship)

- fitness races of 5, 7 or 10 km (children can cycle if they want)

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Ørsta Mountain Marathon June 17

Mountains and magnificent nature are two of the keywords for Ørsta Fjellmaraton. Here you can participate:

- half marathon

- half marathon

- short trail

- children's race

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Rambjørhornet Photo: Ørsta mountain marathon

Hornindal around July 8

Norway's toughest mountain race! A mountain and ultra race where you visit both mountain peaks and mountain pastures.

You can choose between three branches:

- 75 km of ultra mountain running, 5600 vertical meters and 20 posts

- 38 km of mountain running, about 2800 meters of altitude and 11 posts

- Mini race 6 km

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At the Hornindal Rundt race you can really test yourself.

Hornindalsvatnet marathon Saturday, July 22

The race goes along Lake Hornindalsvatnet to Otredalen. You can participate in these exercises:

- marathon

- half marathon

- 10 km

- mini-marathon

- trim class without timing

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The organizers of Melshornløpet, Saudehornet Rett Opp and Saksaløpet have formed a collaboration with a joint cup for the three races. There are prizes for the winners of each of the races (in the different classes), and there are also prizes for those who have the best times in all three races.

The sheep horn straight up on August 19

This is one of the steepest uphill races in Norway. Here you can choose between:

- Competition class

- Exercise class

- Children's race to the Bowl

The sheep horn straight up. Photo: Tussa

Melshorn race on September 2

The race runs from the center of Volda to Melshornet and is 6.8 km long.

  • exercise class
  • competition class
  • mini race from the city center to Årneset

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At the top of Melshornet Photo: Martin Hauge Nilsen

The Saksa Race/Urke Challenge on September 9

There are two different classes at the Saksaløpet which are ... km

  • tour class
  • competition class

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The route to Saksa goes from Basecamp Hjørundfjord/Kaihuset. Photo: Svein Urke

Rosa Sløyfe-løpet, Ørsta 2023 Sunday October 1 at 1300

Join the most important race this year! You can choose between 3 or 6 km, and you can walk or run. As a participant, you help to raise awareness about breast cancer. The proceeds go to the Pink Ribbon campaign and their research against breast cancer.

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Rotevatnet rundt (race around Lake Rotevatnet)

On the last Sunday of the month (except July and December) there is a race around Rotevatnet.

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If you need accommodation, you can find a complete overview here

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